An Intimate Experience With An Audience Through A Film

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I wanted to create an intimate experience with an audience through a film. I needed to get started. I had researched on forums, websites even Youtube on advice on how where I could start. Most places said, to begin with, something you already owned. In my case, It was the iPhone 5s. I had used my phone for a year to take photos and videos when I had recently decided to upgrade to the Canon T6i. After using the camera for a couple of months now, I wanted to see the similarities and differences in functionality that the iPhone 5s had compared to the Canon T6i.

A similarity that is consistent with the iPhone 5s and the Canon T6i is the user interface. The user will interact with the devices by using its buttons and touch screens. The iPhone 5s and Canon T6i have many similar buttons such as the on/off, home screen and volume buttons. The on/off button allows the user to get their device started to take pictures. The home screen button redirects the user of an iPhone to a screen with apps, while a user of the Canon T6i to a screen with many camera settings. The iPhone 5s and the Canon T6i have touch screens. The touch screen adds comfort to the user. It is also a familiar feeling to most technology users since the touch screen is very common in 2016.

A second similarity between the two devices is their camera functions. The basic camera functions that are available to the Canon T6i and iPhone 5s includes the zoom in/out, flash, single/continuous shots and self-timer. This

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