An Introduction Of An Electronic World

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INTRODUCTION: AN ELECTRONIC WORLD In today’s electronically focused world, there are many, many different environmental concerns and questions brought up by consumers and businesses. Today’s world is very energy dependent and relies on electronics that can be harmful to the environment in both production and in disposal. As such, many high-ranking and popular businesses like Google, Citigroup, Dell, Verizon, and others have stepped up to push for sustainability in the IT world for the benefit of their business and for the consumer (computerworld, 2010). As more and more companies step forward to join in their footsteps, the cost of using sustainable practices will decrease, hopefully leading to even more companies making the switch until…show more content…
They have already invested billions into changing their infrastructure over to more sustainable, renewable energy sources. Google’s director of energy and sustainability, Rick Needham, stated the reasoning for Google pushing so hard into the sustainability market is that “While fossil-based prices are on a cost curve that goes up, renewable prices are on this march downward. Even if you factor in how fracking has reduced the cost of gas in many regions, the pricing trends generally point toward renewables” (Kanellos, 2013). Of course, it makes sense if you think about it: fossil fuel will only be around for so long, since there is a limited amount of it on Earth, meaning over time, even if you become more efficient at burning fossil fuel and maximizing the energy gained from it, the cost of continuing to use fossil fuels will only continue to rise as supplies run short. GOOGLE AND RENEWABLE ENERGY On the other hand, renewable energy sources like wind, water, and solar are quite literally limitless natural resources. The only thing that keeps prices high for renewables is the efficiency rate of and relative newness of some of them. However, as renewable energy sources become more efficient as time goes on, prices are guaranteed to fall. In fact, some renewables have already greatly become more efficient. Wind turbines has increased their ‘capacity
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