An Introduction Of Digital Marketing Essay

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An Introduction to Digital Marketing
Own Website - Responsive design
A responsive web design is a design approach that reinforces the creation of a site with optimal viewing and interaction experience. Site navigation should be easy and reading should be possible with minimal adjustments across a wide range of devises such as the smart phone. A website that is responsive is able to adapt to a viewing layout that incorporates features such as CSS3 media queries, flex images and fluid proportion based grids. The benefit of having a responsive website includes:
• Boost to your search engine optimization (SEO). This is an important marketing step because people prefer great looking sites.
• Responsive design allows you to bring into the fold, majority of users who access the internet via mobile devices.
• Makes it easy to convert browsers into buyers because a responsive web design takes away the element of frustration that is associated with zooming difficulties and how information is read on the website.

Email Marketing
This is a marketing strategy that is used to convey messages to targeted audience via email. The process involves sending advertisements, donations, solicitations and business requests via email. The main purpose of using email marketing is to build brand awareness or loyalty. You can use specialized email marketing software’s to understand and appreciate your audience or to plan your next move. The strategy can be executed directly or using a transactional

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