An Introduction Of Imported Pediatric Malaria

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Sasha Lee
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Imported Pediatric Malaria

Introduction Imported pediatric malaria is a term used to describe malaria that was contracted in a child from an endemic region, but was diagnosed and treated in a non-endemic region. Malaria in the pediatric population is a worldwide phenomenon, with children under the age of five comprising 85% of deaths caused by malaria (Schwartz & Vinci, 2012). In non-endemic regions, such as the United States, the majority of malaria cases consist of imported disease from immigrants originating from, or travelers returning from endemic regions. While there is much attention given to the adult traveler who is visiting an endemic region for a vacation, Hagmann & Schlagenhauf suggests that there is a overlooked component of the travel medicine literature, the pediatric population who were born to immigrants that travel frequently internationally and to endemic regions. This traveler may or may not come into the travel clinic for consultation, and their parent may feel that they are not at risk for contracting malaria. The question becomes how do we increase adherence in this population? Are there any tactics that we can use to convince our patients of the severity of this issue, if even to protect their children?

Epidemiology While the existence of malaria has been eradicated in the United States and from most developing countries around the world, Schwartz and Vinci found that malaria…

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