An Introduction Of Innovation And Opportunities For Quantity Surveying Essay

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Professional status of quantity surveyors is constantly challenged by greater competition and increased clients expectation of the services offered by QS consultancies. To meet these challenges and to maintain a competitive advantage quantity surveyors need to enhance the level of professionalism (Davis et al., 2007).
Increasing pressure to improve performance of quantity surveying firms led to a need for applying new innovative sciences and solutions. Innovation with regards to quantity surveying is usually defined as technological and organizational improvements.
According to Nkodo (1999) the need for innovation has become grater as increasing the range of business opportunities has become necessary for a firm’s continued growth, survival and profitability in competitive business environment like construction.
It is well understood that the technological progress is essential for quantity surveying firms to enhance the productive efficiency. Nonetheless, the uptake of innovation by quantity surveying firms in the UK has been slow to date. Recent researches identified number of barriers to innovate in quantity surveying environment.
The main objective of this paper is to present literature review of innovation and opportunities for quantity surveying consultancies.
Literature review showed that there is shortage of formal assessments of innovation processes in small quantity surveying firms as innovation theory tends to be based on manufacturing-based firms rather than
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