An Introduction To A Vapor Cloud Explosion

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An Analysis of a Vapor Cloud Explosion Introduction Flammable gasses can be very dangerous mostly when it comes to highly volatile products. This is because they can evaporate at very low temperatures, may be room temperature and due to their low energy of activation to react. Highly volatile products are that dangerous because they cannot be seen, can evaporate any single moment regardless of the size of leakage, they spread very fast among many other risks. This was the case at one of the manufacturing plants in Massachusetts, Arnel chemical plant. The plant was responsible for manufacturing printer paints On November 21, 2006, a night at about 2.45 AM a massive explosion occurred at the plant. After thorough research and…show more content…
During the long unmonitored nights, the worst happened, one of the unsecured storage tanks leaked its components. They flowed on the ground, and due to the volatility it evaporated and filled the whole building structure. From an unknown source, ignition happened, therefore, causing one of the worst accidents ever recorded in the American history. The blast. It was too strong that any after emergency measures could not have mattered. Violated standards and how the incident could have been prevented The government has a set of standards that must be ensured for a company or an organization to be allowed to run. Just as an unroadworthy car is not authorized to be on the road for the risk that it exposes to people, then the same applies to manufacturing plants Automatic response programs in this plant were very poorly ensured. If the people who were setting the plant cared about the magnitude of the risk they were dealing with they were dealing with; they would have elected automatic shutdown apparatus on the mixing tanks. From the record, the plant did not have any automatic pressure mixing shutdown procedure nor temperature monitors that could be used to prevent situations from being worse. There was also very minimal and poor observation of the plant. It was reported that there were no any workers at the plant at the time the accident was
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