An Introduction To Becoming A Veterinarian

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Davon Fitzek
English 12 Compostion; 5th
Research Paper
October 5, 2016
We Like Big Mutts and We Cannot Lie: An Analysis of Becoming a Veterinarian Imagine a family bringing in their deathly sick dog, everybody in tears, everybody relying on you to save their dog. A veterinarian will probably go through this situation many times throughout their career. I have a strong passion to work with animals from all over the world. My grandpa was a veterinarian, and he always told me stories about what animals he worked with and where all he traveled to. Joining the veterinary field and helping all sorts of animals will offer many positive benefits, provide great pay, and allow me to work in different locations.
Nature of the Work
Understanding the nature of a career one may pursue in the future plays an important role. A doctor to a human is equivalent to a veterinarian to an animal. Anyone with a pet can tell you that. Veterinarians are needed everywhere all across the world. Veterinarians work with anything from dogs to lions. A veterinarian’s job is to care for animals and nurse them back to help, or just give them their checkups (BLS). They treat animal diseases so that they don’t get spread to their owners or spread to other animals that they may come in contact with (explorehealthcareers). There are many different veterinary positions, as in the receptionist of a clinic, the veterinarian, the veterinary technician, the hospital or clinic manager, and a veterinary…
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