An Introduction To Darwin's Theory Of Intelligent Design

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Evolving Science
Will believers in Intelligent Design be able to embrace the incredibly promising and innovative solutions outlined in Luke Bawazer’s Tedtalk while rejecting Darwin’s theory? No, I do not believe the supporters of Intelligent Design will embrace his solutions. Even though the research is leading to new materials, with electronic functions, that can possibly power our infrastructure while at the same time reduce pollutants in our environment. By accepting the solutions, supporters of Intelligent Design will have to accept Darwin’s theory of evolution if they want to embrace Bawazer’s solutions for creating new biomaterials using DNA.
Darwin’s theory of natural selection permits adaptation by natural means instead of divine intervention. The Theory of Intelligent Design uses methods used by other sciences to explain that the universe and living things were created by an intelligent cause, not a random process such as natural selection. As Wilson (2005) stated “Many, who accept the fact of evolution cannot, however, on religious grounds, accept the operation of blind chance and the absence of divine …show more content…

Bawazer (2013) pointed out “Only the fittest material, for example, only the materials with the most efficient electronic properties, only those materials will be selected for genetic reproduction” (Video file). It is my opinion by keeping only the strongest or most efficient materials through this process is a form of natural selection, even though some might argue that by Bawazer keeping the stronger material is in fact a form of intelligent design. Some supporters of intelligent design believing in intelligent cause and not the divine intervention might be able to accept the research. Since Darwinism rejects all the supernatural phenomena and no longer requires a God or a designer as designer or creator of the universe, it will be difficult supporting the

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