An Introduction To Engineer 's Australia Stage 1 Competencies

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ENG5001 - Professional Skills in Engineering

August 18, 2014

By: Ragesh Odungattu
Student Number: 0061066438

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1. Reflect On Engineers Australia’s Stage 1 Competencies 2. Skills And Knowledge From Past 3. Study Plan 4. Reflection On Professional Engineering And Study In Australia 5. Reflect On The EWB Projects 6. Team Work Skills 7. Problems And Appropriate Solutions 8. Group Formation And Discussion In Study Desk 9. Importance Of Life Long Learning And Continuous Professional Development 10. Research and discuss a major engineering project within Australia
11. Letter Of Invitation 12. Response Letter 13. References

1.Reflect On Engineer’s Australia Stage 1 Competencies

 Knowledge and Skill Base

 1.1 Descriptive, formula based understanding of the underpinning natural and physical science and the engineering fundamentals applicable to the practice area.

I as an electrical engineer pursuing my master in electrical and electronic engineering developed a skill to solve the problem. During my bachelors, I studied natural and physical science and basic fundamentals that are required in the engineering field and also gained vast knowledge how to identify and tackle new problem in the practical world.

In my schooling, I studied subjects that include science along with mathematics which helped me to develop awareness in the above courses.

After completing my bachelors , I worked as an

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