An Introduction To Mobile Marketing Strategy

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Introduction Trust plays a major role in mobile marketing and is a critical component in maintaining and developing a healthy brand. For marketers, trust can be quite a challenge. Marketers try to engage customers with consumer conversation over mobile apps and advertising by offering content that is helpful to them and personalizing services. By doing this, they are asking consumers to trust them and give up their personal data, including mobile identifiers. However, marketers still need to use customer data to promote sales in the end. Forrester analysts Thomas Husson and Fatemeh Khatibloo feel that consumer distrust for brands will continue to increase as more personal data is needed to enhance mobile and contextual experiences…show more content…
One of three U.S. adults have canceled transactions because of privacy concerns and nearly half would cease shopping activities at a store that tracked their in-store behavior (Kaneshige, 2015). Forrester recommends that markets use the lack of trust as an opportunity instead of just a legal or compliance issue. Trust could be a huge competitive advantage in today 's mobile market. Apple has made privacy a top priority on the iPhone. They have privacy settings and transparency that have given them a competitive advantage. They publically share what Apple and iOS app makers can and cannot see and provides reasons as to why they collect anonymous data. Some of the reasons may include improving Maps and Siri performance for iPhone and iPad customers. Forrester would recommend that like Apple, marketers should allow consumers some control with advanced privacy settings and be proactive and transparent by sending out notifications about data collection and the reasons for it. Forrester also advises to only collect as much data they absolutely need to perform a service that has been mutually agreed upon with the consumer (Kaneshige, 2015 ). Since trust is such an important issue for any brand, companies need to take notice. “In the next five to 10 years, expect trust to become paramount and a trust index to completely reconfigure the ranking of the top 100 global brands” say Husson and Khatilbloo (Kaneshige, 2015). Mobile phones are very personal in nature and are at the
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