An Introduction To Organizational Strategic Management

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According to Weigl, a strategy as the determination of the essential long-term goals and objectives of an organisation, and adoption of courses of action and distribution of resources required for carrying out those goals. He also that it is the plan or pattern that integrates an enterprise 's major policies, actions and goals sequence into a cohesive whole. A well-formulated strategy assists to rationalise and allocate an enterprise 's resources into a viable and unique posture based on its relative internal shortcomings and competencies, anticipated changes in the business environment, and contingent moves by intelligent opponents. He further defines strategic management as a focus on the integration of managerial skills and techniques like financial accounting, marketing, production management, human resource management, and research development to accomplish the organisational success (Weigl, 2008).
This paper is an analysis of organisational strategic management focusing on how it is essential to the success of an organisation in realising its goals and mission.
Primarily strategies are designed and shaped for the whole enterprise by high-ranking stake holders, thus administrating strategy should begin from top to bottom. Efficient strategies involve communication and discussion.
Enterprises should be able to put up with a competitive advantage in an exceptional and identifiable market. The strategic management should enable an organisation to create value via the…
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