An Introduction To Tuned Vibration Absorbers?

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In advanced applications, the design of some structures, such as those in spacecraft, jet fighters and automobiles which require lightweight strength and have highly structural damping properties, is faced with great difficulty due to the fact that the decreased weight results in low rigidity and reacts with vibration characteristics. Vibration must be effectively controlled, otherwise it could be uncomfortable for humans, increase fatigue, cause instability and could result in damage to the entire system (Sharma et al., 2011). Tuned Vibration Absorbers (TVAs) are important engineering tools for vibration suppression. They can be passive, semi-active or active vibration control devices (Sun et al., 1995). Tuned Vibration Absorbers without…show more content…
Shan et al. (2009) investigated F2MC tubes for autonomous structural tailoring. They analysed a 3D analytical model of a single F2MC tube consisting of an inner liner layer and an outer composite laminate layer. This was followed by experimental tests for validation. The results show a good agreement. In their design space study, they found that the maximum modulus ratio can be obtained either using a composite laminate fibre angle (α ≈ 20°), by decreasing the F2MC tube thickness, or by increasing the fluid bulk modulus.
Philen (2010) developed a theoretical model of a F2MC system that plots the dynamics of FMC tube, servo-valve and fluid flow rate through it, by using linearized equations of motion. The experimental results showed that the desired force displacement curve can be tracked in the F2MC system by valve control.
Vashisth et al. (2013) evaluated a three-layered F2MC tube which was two millimetres in diameter, manufactured in polyurethane reinforced with braided stainless steel wire in the middle layer, surrounded by polyurethane layers both inside and outside. They experimentally tested this tube for blocked force, free strain and axial modulus of elasticity. The results showed the ability of the tubes for future applications in areas where small tube diameter is required.
The most important properties of F2MC tubes found by researchers are their fluid pumping capacity, which is about
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