An Introduction To Zen Buddhism Research Paper

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People can be narrow-minded and always try to look for a logical answer rather than try to go with the flow. This causes people to overthink situations by not allowing them to become open minded individuals to see the world from a new perspective. As Daisetz Teitaro Suzuki writes in his book An Introduction to Zen Buddhism shows that Zen is an experience that gets in touch with a person's inner spirit. So that one can reach this inner spiritual experience they must reach satori-a flash of enlightenment to understand what Zen is. There is no series of events that one must perform to understand the Zen practices because understanding must come from personal experience. No amount of literature, lessons, or contemplation will make someone understand…show more content…
So that people can understand what Zen is they must try to let go of limitations that they have bestowed upon themselves. Along with think with an open mind to see that their are more than one way to situations. It requires much discipline and patience to follow the practices of Zen because it requires personal experience. There is nothing better that will help become a Zen master but personal experience. To eventually reach enlightenment-satori-people must know the idea of koan to finally reach sudden awareness. One downside to Zen buddhism it is demanding of its follows because it may take years for some to come to understand what Zen is. Many people do not have the time to leave their lives to pursue a life of Zen buddhism. Despite that becoming enlighten will help better a person's life in the long run, allowing themselves to think freely without restraints, have peace of mind and to have a happier life. People need to find peace within themselves in order to have a brighter
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