An Introduction to Fear Appeal and Levels of Fear

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An introduction to fear appeal and levels of fear:
An appeal is nothing more than a motive to which an advertisement is directed. The intention of an appeal is to persuade and try to change the audience concepts or ideas regarding a goal settled by the advertiser. Fear appeals are commonly used in many types of marketing communications such as marketing of products or services, social causes and ideas. Fear appeal can be considered the psychology of persuasion; messages that arouse fear and are effective in producing attitude change (Rogers, 1983; Shelton & Rogers, 1981)
Over the years a number of different theories and models have been constructed by various experts in the area of marketing and psychology to try to put together the process. Many reviews of the literature have been carried out over the last fifty five years emphasizing the different stages of growth there has been in the subject (Boster & Mongeau, 1984; Witte & Allen, 2000).

Fear appeals’ effectiveness in health promotion campaigns is looked at due to the wealth of fear appeal literature relating to this area of study, there are different views and conflicting ideas which can be explored. A number of health promotion topics have been looked at in the literature from automobile safety to cigarette smoking and HIV/AIDS. However with the broad scope of different areas, subjects researched and different time periods the literature has become fragmented with lots of different views of the effectiveness of the
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