An Introduction to Modern Mobile Operating Systems

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An Introduction To Modern Mobile Operating Systems by Haroon Q Raja on May 14, 2011
Over the past decade, smartphones have taken the world by storm and recently, tablets have entered into the arena as well. These mobile devices are having a significant impact on our lives and are in fact redefining the way we access information and communicate with others. This is due to not only the hardware but the specialized software that these devices run and most importantly, their operating systems. In what follows, we will take an informative tour of modern mobile operating systems, their different types and usage across smartphone and tablet platforms.
Just like a PC can run different operating systems (like Windows, Linux, BSD
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The introduction of the iPad in 2010 only added to the popularity of iOS. Much like the case of smartphones, tablets had been widely available for over a decade but it was again Apple that built upon the success of iPhone to bring them to the masses in form of the iPad, creating a modern tablet boom and leading to other competitors joining the market. With the iPad and the iPad 2, Apple still leads the tablet market share by a huge margin.
Due to its restricted nature, iOS limited users to only the features Apple decided appropriate. That’s when the development community decided to intervene and came up with Jailbreaking. This allowed power users to install additional apps not available in the official App Store and customize their iPhones beyond the standard features provided by Apple.
By now, iOS has improved a lot and as of the current version 4.3.3, it supports multi-tasking, audio and video playback to AirPlay devices, data tethering and several other enhancements, in addition to the above-mentioned features. Jailbreaking continues to play an important role in iOS devices and enables users to take their iPhones beyond the often ridiculous limitations set by Apple. - RIM BlackBerry OS
This is the operating system used in all BlackBerry devices. Despite having been popular in corporate sector, BlackBerry devices are losing market share to Android and iPhone.
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