An Introduction to New Technology

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Introduction to New Technology Introduction The new technology to be discussed in this paper is the new iPad by Apple. Apple has had the iPad out in the market for several years, and newer versions of the iPad have been introduced periodically by Steve Jobs, now the late Steve Jobs. Jobs, who came to symbolize and epitomize that innovations that Apple has been known for, and his unveiling of new technologies came to be a cultural event that millions paid attention to. Now that Jobs is gone, the CEO of Apple is Tim Cook. Introduction to the Newest Apple Product the new iPad. Cook took the stage March 7, 2012, in Cupertino, California, in the Silicon Valley at Apple's headquarters. Wearing a black shirt, black shoes, and black slacks pretty much the same style of clothing that Jobs wore when he made new technology announcements Cook paced back and forth in front of a large audience and made a speech while using a remote to change the slides on the giant screen and occasionally prompt a video. What he said over and over again was the slogan that Apple has adopted "The post-PC revolution." Apple is pushing the notion that the laptop computer is being replaced by the iPad, which does many if not most of the things that computers can do. As to this revolution, "It's all around us and happening at an amazing pace," Cook told the audience. "And Apple is at the forefront leading this revolution." The PC is no longer "the center of your digital world," Cook continued. "It's
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