An Introduction to Organizational Behavior

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An Introduction to Organizational Behavior 1. Define organizational behavior (OB) and explain its roots - a field of study that seeks to understand, explain, predict and change human behavior, both individual and collective, in the organizational context - includes 3 levels  individual: employee motivation and perception  group: teams, communication, job design, and leadership  organization-wide: change, culture and organizational structure  interorganizational (network): outsourcing, organizational networks, strategic alliances and mergers - interdisciplinary roots  psychology: work teams, work motivation, training and development. Power and leadership, human resource planning, and workplace wellness  sociology: group…show more content…
Give an overview of the formal/informal framework and new paradigms for understanding how an organization functions - formal organization: the official, legitimate, and most visible part of the system  more focused from the GHOST model, but very limited  includes: goals and objective, policies and procedures, job descriptions, financial resources, authority structure, communication channels, products and service - informal organization: the unofficial and less visible part
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