An Introduction to Total Quality Management

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The name ‘Federal Express’ is synonymous with quality. It is recognized that the Federal Express Company a world leader in transportation area and information field. Federal Express can deliver packages overnight to almost anywhere in the world. Simultaneously, people can track packages at any time so that they can know where their goods are. (Neff & Citrin, 2001) As the good quality and services Federal Express provided, people like it, trust it and make it universally. Thus, a distinctive quality is vital to every organization at present if you want to have bigger market share in the world. However, how could people achieve it?

Quality management is an excellent method to resolve it. In the following parts, this
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There are a large number of people who contributed to the development of the extensive concepts that are wised up as total quality. This part will mainly introduce three contributors who are W. Edwards Deming, Joseph M. Juran, and Kaoru Ishikawa.

 W. Edwards Deming
The first contributor is Deming. His method strives to ‘delight customers’, which is an approach that is briefly and wisely depicted by ‘the Joiner Triangle’. (Watson & Howarth, 2011) As the following points, there are three main concepts and contributions of Deming:

a) The Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) Cycle—an approach for resolving problems;
b) Deming Fourteen Points—key ideas for business to survive
c) Seven Deadly Diseases

 Joseph M. Juran
Juran quality focuses on ‘fitness for use or purpose’. (Watson & Howarth, 2011) On a basis of this, Juran published On Planning for Quality. ‘Quality does not happen by accident, it must be planned’ is a major idea of Juran – planning which is just one component of his ‘Quality Trilogy’ that consists of three main parts: Quality Planning, Quality Control and Quality Improvement.

 Kaoru Ishikawa
Professor Kaoru Ishikawa is famous as ‘Father of Quality Circles’, (Bank, 2000) which is because his two significant concepts – ‘companywide quality control’
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