An Introduction to the Game of Golf

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Michael May
Golf: An Introduction to the Game with an Emphasis on the Last Twenty-Five Years
The game of golf has changed ever since its creation in the 1400 's. Yet of all the changes in the game most of them have come within the last 25 years. Golf has developed and changed so much in the last 25 years that players and spectators alike can barely keep up with this new style of play. Research demonstrates some of the basic elements of the game, as well as most of the developmental changes the game has gone through in the last 25 years. Jeff Mashos, a former P.G.A. professional, gives his insight on the game and the changes he has seen in recent years. For golfers and golf spectators this is a brief glimpse at how golf has
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First the golfer might produce a swing that is considered an “open to open” swing path. This occurs when the club face starts out to the right of the target line and never leaves that position. The other swing the player could produce is a “square to open” swing path. This is when the club face lines up with the target line at the beginning of the swing and then finishes open of the target.
On the other hand Aultman describes that when a player hits the ball to the left, his swing path could either be a “closed to closed” path. Which occurs when the club face has a left facing angle of the target line and never leaves that point. The other swing a player could produce is “square to closed” path. Just like the square to open path the club face starts on the correct plane, but it closes on impact with the golf ball (Aultman 27). Both of these problems can be fixed by finding the right kind of swing, as Rick Smith puts it in his book How to Find Your Perfect Golf Swing.
Smith, a tour professional, gives seven aspects that make up the golf swing. First, he describes the “Human Instinct,” what naturally comes to the players ' minds when they step up to hit the ball.
Second, “The Physical Condition,” or a golfers ' ability to swing the club along the correct plane, from the beginning to the completion of their round. Third, he presents the concept of “Misperception.” “Many people will tell their friends

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