An Introspective Analysis of Student’s Own Preferences and Tendencies in Making Decisions at Their Place of Work.

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Four years of working with Producers Bank has greatly influenced me in a lot of ways professionally and personally. I have built a friendly environment with my co-workers and have enjoyed my stay with the bank. They said that the most important things in your job is loving what you do and having fun while doing it. I have loved and have enjoyed my job and in fact I continually improve myself for me to effectively perform my work. Making decisions within the company is not an easy task to do. Sometimes making the right decision may not seem right when it involves your own feelings. Being an internal auditor, my work involves examination and scrutinizing the work done by my co-workers. The job is not easy to do because there are person who …show more content…
I felt pity for her because she needs the money for her treatment but again my personal feelings should be set aside for the betterment of the whole organization. She cannot handle too much pressure and being with the bank, she will suffer much more and may not be helpful for her case.
The working environment of the bank is very competitive thus I continually monitored my performance and eventually decided to pursue further education. I have great beliefs on the management of Producers Bank and have sacrificed so much for the company but unfortunately I was disappointed in the end. My disappointments have given me doubts and reservations regarding the capabilities of the management to support me for my career developments. As much as I love my job and the people I work with, I have to put all my alternatives on the table and think about my future. My disappointments began when I have requested the management to transfer me to branch operations so that I could concentrate on my studies and at the same time it will give me new challenge since branch operations is very demanding area of the banks undertakings. Being a career oriented person, I have the drive to look for more challenges and being in the field of internal auditing for four years will no longer provide me the challenges and motivations I need thus I asked the management
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