An Intrusion Of American Elements

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the “enemy”. This intrusion of American elements replaces not only Chinese elements, but also the Vietnamese cultural identity.
Contemporary culture, however, plays a different role. As current contemporary movies, music, visual arts and other entertainment forms produced by Vietnamese resolve around the Vietnamese “national cultural identity”, which almost always incorporates Chinese elements or Chinese influence in some ways: in its language, practiced customs, art motifs, etc., as addressed. Vietnam’s contemporary culture, in this condition, has the same low probability of dividing between the Chinese elements and “quintessentially Vietnamese”. However, in reality, the concept of “Vietnamese contemporary culture” does not only include productions by Vietnamese people. As the Vietnamese community reacts and corresponds to foreign cultural productions as engagingly as they do with Vietnamese-produced goods, this country’s contemporary culture encompasses these alien productions. In this context, culture is more easily categorizable. Additionally, making the first step in protesting with contemporary culture is a logical movement. Unlike other goods exchangeable economically, which can be manipulated to present as if from a different origin, Chinese contemporary cultural productions take significantly distinct forms. As they are very distinguishable–the use of Mandarin’s often a giveaway–differentiation of Chinese media and entertainment production becomes the simplest,
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