An Invasion Of Privacy And Its Effects On Society

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I. Introduction of the problem or topic: a. An invasion of privacy is when something inaccessible to the public is intruded upon or exposed without one’s permission. Privacy is the ability for one to select and control information revealed about themselves. b. Introduce the problem or topic i. The government constantly collects personal data from citizens without their permission. ii. The information collected should be limited and only obtained after notifying the person that is being examined, if one has gave consent beforehand or accompanied by a court order. iii. The Fourth Amendment protects citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures unless with probable cause, yet the government is finding loop holes to still spy on its citizens unknowingly. c. The right to collect information should be limited to specific government programs or for specific purposes such as terrorist acts,, for but not shared beyond that. II. Set up for Body paragraphs (more paragraphs may be added if needed): a. Transition: In today’s technology age the government has countless ways to “spy” on citizens for the sake of protection. First Main Point: Citizens unknowingly surrender information about their private lives every day. Whether it’s through cell phone, GPS services, video recording or even apps used during leisure such as Facebook. i. Third Party Doctrines makes it a breeze to obtain any ones information that uses a certain service or product. Also it allows the third party

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