An Invasive Point Of View

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Sophie Hamann
BOT 1 Term Paper
An Invasive Point of View
Day to day, we are faced with perpetual decisions based on practical criteria. They have become so engrained within our regular schedule that we may not even think about the consequences. The automatic movements that we go through each day usually don’t require a major ethical decision. However, when they do, values, world views and personal interest are all considered. The decision making process is very often initiated with a world-view, or with some sort of bias. The outcome is based on one’s understanding of the facts, or even based on one’s upbringing. Environmental ethics often come into play when considering invasive species. On a global scale, we live in a high array of technological advances in transportation. We are able to travel across vast distances that open pathways for ourselves and exotic plant hitch hikers. The more we travel, the more species we transport. The issue arises of whether or not this is a natural process in which nature should be able to take its course. When considering this, multiple perspectives are formed in the process. Some intend to take advantage of this resource, while others aim to eradicate the entire non-native population. While many people understand that an invasive species has the potential of being harmful, they still intend to let nature run its course. Therefore, it is important to understand all perspectives that factor into the decision making process…

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