An Investigation At The Occupational Health And Safety Legislation

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SUMMARY A furnace used for heat-treating of small iron and steel components exploded in the one of the research facility of a company. Hydrogen gas was used as a catalyst during the process in order to produce a steel and iron with a bright surface finish. During the incident, there was a new employee working in the room, of his first time undergoing the heat treatment process without a supervision of the experts. The main cause of the incident was due to insufficient amount of purging before lighting the furnace, allowing the hydrogen gas to mix with oxygen gas. Also, after further investigation carried out, there were also various factors that led to the incident. The compliance of the research facility to the Occupational Health and Safety legislation makes up the main body of the report. The recommendation to the company to improve the operation also stated in this report. INTRODUCTION Injuries and fatality are not unusual to workplace. In Australia, although the rate of workers got injured and involved in fatalities (commonly in construction industry), are decreasing each year, yet, it is still high to not to deny. Based on the statistic released by Safe Work Australia [1], as at 8th August 2014, 109 Australian have been killed during working and the number is expecting to increase by the end of this year. In fact, every 2-3 minutes, an Australian is seriously injured [2] while at work. As clarified by Safe Work Australia itself, the number worker deaths and injuries

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