An Investigation Into Instructional Leadership

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An investigation into Instructional Leadership in Primary schools
Educational leadership and management are considered as one of the most effective operation for schools particularly during the twenty-first century. Although management is highlighted as an elementary requirement for schools, leadership is perceived to be even more important (Bush 2003:1).
According to Bush (2003), leadership as a field of study is derived from the principles of management. This means management is the first field of study which is applied into business, commerce and industry. Afterwards, the theories of educational leadership evolved to meet the requirement of education. Therefore, it is either developed into an educational aspector it is adapted from industrial fieldsto meet the need of collegesandschools(Bush 2003:13).
Educational leadership has many definitions. Bush (2003) defines it as ‘’the field of study and practice concerned with the operation of educational organizations’’. Whilst Bolam (1999) defines educational leadership as ‘’an executive function for carrying out agreed policy and he states that there is a difference between management and educational leadership’’. I completely agree with Bolam’s definition particularly when he referred to the difference between leadership and management.Recently, there has been a noticeable tendency to differentiate between leadership and management and a modern understanding shows that the staff of schools is required to be good
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