An Investigation Into Photovoltaic Cells

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An Investigation into Photovoltaic Cells Karolina Kot, U1356111 University of Huddersfield School of Art, Design and Architecture An Investigation into Photovoltaic Cells INTRODUCTION: In this report I will be investigating into photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells, and “solar battery” (in early days). I will look at the purpose of them, the technologies in which they are being used, how they work and how they are used based on the actual examples. The other parts of the report will show the example of how they are used in the existing building and what function they have in it. I will also be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using photovoltaic cell technologies and compare it to alternative technologies available on market that can be used, taking in consideration the aspects of both technologies. At the end of the report I will also look at the sustainable issues as well as the cost issues that come along with using this method in small and large buildings. I will look forward to generally summarize the use of photovoltaic cells and their aspects within the buildings. EXPLANATION OF THE TECHNOLOGY, WHAT IT IS: Photovoltaic cells, are used in buildings in the way of photovoltaic panels also known as “Solar PV Panels” to provide and deliver electricity directly into the building. They are often being mixed up with “Solar Thermal Panels”, as they are both put on the roofs of the buildings and look very similar, however they provide
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