An Investigation Into The Rate Of Osmosis

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Water diffuses across cellular membranes by the process of osmosis. This occurs in all animal, plant and protozoa cells. Furthermore, this report examines ‘an investigation into the rate of osmosis through a semi-permeable membrane’ and further assesses whether this rate is affected by sucrose concentration. Dialysis bags containing variable sucrose concentrations were placed in a solution containing either tap water or 60% sucrose. These bags were then weighed at fifteen minute intervals and then placed back into its allocated solute. In Summary, it was found that bags containing sucrose gained the most weight in comparison to those that contained tap water. The sucrose inside the bags caused the water potential to decrease. Therefore, water moved by osmosis down its concentration gradient towards the area with the most dissolved sucrose.

Table of Contents

Abstract i
Table of Contents ii
Introduction 1
Materials and Methods 2
Results 2
Description 3
1.1 The Plasma Membrane 3
1.2 Hypotonic Solutions 4
1.3 Isotonic Solutions 4
1.4 Hypertonic Solutions 4
1.5 Osmosis in Animal Cells 5
1.6 Osmosis in Plant Cells 6
1.7 Potential Errors 6
1.8 Other Factors Affecting the Rate of Osmosis 6
Conclusion 7
References 7 Introduction
In the constantly fluctuating environment of the body it is essential for living cells in to be able to maintain a homeostatic balance, in order for them to function effectively (Owen, 2015). Cell membranes enable this by controlling which
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