An Investigation Into the Impacts of Tornadoes in Canada Tornados

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Introduction Tornadoes are one of the most impressive and powerful forces of nature. They can strike quickly with little warning, and cause millions of dollars in damages and even death. It is these powerful impacts that have led to the fascination that storm chasers have with discovering the inner workings of tornadoes. The focus of this term paper will be to investigate the natural hazard known as tornadoes. It will follow the framework for Analysis of Human Adaptation to Natural Hazards. This will include biophysical dimensions of tornadoes, human use of the affected environment, a consideration of the environmental change caused by tornadoes, and the human response to tornadoes. Although they are rarer and have smaller damage…show more content…
Environmental Change Tornadoes can have harmful physical impacts on the environment when they strike with incredible velocity. The winds are powerful enough to snap and uproot trees, destroying forests in their paths. Tornadoes and the torrential rain and hail that accompany them can destroy a vast amount of crops. Winds of up to 300 mph can turn harmless objects and structures into deadly projectiles, all occurring in a matter of seconds. Injuries or deaths resulting from tornadoes are most often caused by the collapse of buildings and flying debris. The greatest physical damage occurs when tornadoes rip through populated areas. The destruction of these areas leaves an aftermath of garbage and debris, including harmful household chemicals. In the case of devastating tornadoes, waste disposal action plans must be put in place to ensure debris and hazards are removed from the environment and disposed of safely. Tornadoes also have a strong impact on the economy of affected areas. The ten most deadly Canadian tornadoes have not only killed one hundred and twenty-two people, but have caused damage upwards of 400 million dollars. The Edmonton tornado of July 31st, 1987 created 250 million dollars of damage alone (Eisen, 2000). The damage from tornadoes has a lasting economic effect. Businesses that have been destroyed need to start all over again and personal belongings and valuables are lost or

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