An Investigation Of Online Shopping

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Introduction: An investigation of online shopping and how does it influence NTIC students’ daily life. Observations have shown that there has been a rapid development in an economic world. We have witnessed a tremendous change about shopping online. According to UCLA Center for Communication Policy (2001), online shopping has been regarded as the third most prevalent activity on the Internet, only followed by e-mail and website usage. It plays an important role, not only in retail stores, but also in people’s lives. There are more and more people who have begun to choose this way of shopping. However, a reasonable way to use Internet for shopping could offer convenience in people’s daily life. Relying on online shopping too much may cause a lot of risks more than the retail sector, for instance, if a student buys a defective dress from an online company, and it turns out to be fraud, it is nearly impossible to trace it and get your money back, whereas it does not happen in the case of a local shop. Also there is a chance of finding bargains in local retail sector. In this research, the influence of online shopping for the International students in NTIC will be studied. Research Question: How does online shopping influence the International students? Literature Review: Case, Burns, and Dick (2001) suggest that knowledge of Internet, salary, and learning background are the main strength predictors of Internet purchases among university students. Undeniably, shopping online
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