An Investigation On American Civil Union

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According to police, officers nobody has the right to record. Whether it is publicly, or an investigation being done outside on the street. Now a days we do not have the right to do anything outside in the public. My question is why? If we all have the right to do whatever we want. Many city journalists’ even people have been arrested for not even committing a crime but simply filming. You would ask me is this right? Well I would say no it is not right. According to the law which truly states (“Know Your Rights: Photographers.” American Civil Union. ACLU, July 2014. Web. 3 Sep 2014). That we all have the right to photograph, and film while being in public being anywhere and at any time. The video I selected talks about how a civilian is having a discussion with a police officer and how the police officer says he is not allowed to “film.” Watching the video made me see how police officers don’t respect at all. They tend to lie a lot and change everything around when another police officer comes to help them out. They harass and detain people with unnecessary reasons.
Although police officers tend to know about the law seems like they really need to get a recap about what the law states. I believe police officers are there to protect and watch over the public. But to react in a way that is erroneous and so unfair is just not accurate for me. The video I watch is about a civilian who was filming traffic stop. The officer approaches him and tells the civilian to put his camera
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