An Investigation into Related Job Stress and Job Satisfaction

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This research is based on a study done at Northern Caribbean University to investigate the relation between job satisfaction and job stress among teachers. According to French & Caplan (1972) job stress is as a result of a misfit between an individual and their environment. Research topic: “An investigation into related job stress and job satisfaction” Job Stress Among Teachers Related job stress and job satisfaction have been a topic researched by several scholars and now by me. The issue of stress in the teaching profession as caused a serious concern for both faculty and administrators (Schuster, 1986). The increasing stress have been creating profound impact on female teachers (Lease, 1999), and new faculty members (Oslen, 1993).…show more content…
Some researchers have also attributed poor behavior of students as a significant contributor to the daily stress teachers face (Geving, 2007). When one think of teaching one can also think of it as a stressful occupation that many present teachers are quitting more than ever (Smith, 2006). Mastery of task-management skills have been found as a critically component that new teachers take a while to grasp which in turn fosters a recipe for stress (Brown, 2005). Researchers like Cox (2007) have found weak administrations and school violence as a major factor which lead to overwhelming stress and departure of many teachers. This finding was also supported by Smith (2006). Smith’s findings indicated that teaches are stressed because they don’t feel safe in the environment in which they are expected to spend most of their lives. As job commitment increase the level of potential stress decreases (Forrest, 2006). Nevertheless, if there is a low level of commitment then the possibility of being stressed will increase. Researches like Maslach and Jackson (1996) have intended to three major factors that contributes to teachers being burnout. These factors are subjective accomplishments, emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. Job Satisfaction Among Teachers There have been several investigations to create an understanding between job satisfaction and the teaching profession. In various studies related to job satisfaction for teachers
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