An Investigation into the Social Aspect of Digital Cinematography

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Title: An investigation into the social aspect of digital cinematography. Motion picture was developed in the 1890’s and exploded in popularity over the next 40 years. This was mainly due to it being a new form of audio and visual entertainment. Theater was popular because it was a marvel of modem technology, relatively cheap, and, above all, provided patrons with an escape from their difficult lives. It means the everyday men and women now had a place to go to relax and be entertained. This gave the working class a chance to escape their hardships and be treated like the wealthy. This was sure to make motion picture a success and to grow massively over coming years. Motion picture was invented in 1889 but it was the 1900’s before the first motion picture projectors started being installed in theaters and it was just 1915 when the Irwin theater in Bloomington was opened which was the first building built specifically for viewing motion picture. This differed from the early transitional “opera houses” that showed live dramatic performances as well as movies. (Boegen, 2003). In these times theaters were fashionable and impressive buildings and had a look of class. The Pantagraph described the exterior of the Irvin Theater as terra cotta with elaborate trimmings. (Boegen, 2003). It was a new and exciting in the era and brought a whole new concept of entertainment to the people. At this early stage of film it had a major impact on everybody. People got to see things in these

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