An Investigation of Coca-Cola's Current Reputation: A Report

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Report: An investigation of Coca Cola's Current Reputation. 1. Introduction The purpose of this report is, in the first instance, to provide an analysis of the reputation and branding success of the Coca-Cola Company and to ascertain its current strengths as well as certain weaknesses. My intention in the report is to highlight some of the positive aspects and to illuminate those aspects that can contribute towards improving the present levels of communication and achievement in the areas of brand image and equity. The report will also include proposals and suggestions on how to improve corporate reputation and improve management systems in this regard. 2. Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses 2.1. Brief Company Overview Coca-Cola is arguably the best known brand name of any product marketed today. As one report on the marketing of the product notes; "One in every two cola and one in every three soft drinks is a Coca-Cola product. The best-known trademark in the world is sold in about one hundred and forty countries to 5.8 billion people in eighty different languages" (Mittal et al, 2008). The question is often asked, what is branding and why is it so important in terms reputation and equity. Roelig (2001, p.40) provides a succinct answer to this query: "Although nonprofessionals may think of a brand as just a logo or a package, it is really an aggregation of all the physical and emotional characteristics of a company, a product, or a service encountered by
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