An Islamic Country Called Saudi Arabia

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I am from an islamic country called Saudi Arabia. The whole population in there is Muslims. Practicing religious stuff for a religion that is other than Islam is prohibited in my country. So when you are born you do not have a choice but to be a Muslim. I am not complaining about it, actually I could not be more grateful that i became a Muslim. Islam is a peaceful religion regarding the militant groups that distort the image of Islam. When I was growing up I Started to do many rituals such as praying, fasting, Umrah, and Eid ul Fiter. Some of them were hard to do some of them were easy and fun. One of the most challenging thing was prayer. Praying was hard to cope with when i was younger due to the fact that you have to do it five times a day in separate time. Having specific times each day to be close to God helps Muslims remain aware of the importance of their faith, and the role it plays in every part of life. Each prayer may take at least 5 minutes, but it may be lengthened as a person wishes. My parents used to force me to do it when i was younger because it is a big deal in my religion. I was not keen in doing it at that time because i preferred to play instead, but when i got older I started to realize the importance of prayer. Even in schools they will stop the classes so we can pray then we resume. Moreover, the shops close when it is prayer time till the prayer finishes. Although knowing how important praying is, Some adults might not pray or skip some prays. I

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