An M-Health Application for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

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An m-Health Application for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Product Description Though it is known that self-monitoring blood sugar level is necessary for effective self-care of type 1 diabetes mellitus, adolescents with diabetes require decision-support aids to effectively analyze a blood glucose result and take appropriate action to optimize glycemic control (Hood, Peterson, Rohan, & Drotar, 2009). Therefore, mobile technology-based intervention can be effectively implemented to help in this case. For this application, a user-centered design attitude was useful during the design phase of the product, leveraging a base remote patient monitoring system. The system uses BlackBerry smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled medical devices to capture client information and generate and deliver alerts and reports to client, family, and medical providers. This product takes into consideration user-centered designs commonly used in consumer-oriented products. This encompasses iterative involvement of the end user in the design process by eliciting formal feedback on reference and prototype versions of the intervention; heuristic evaluation by human factors specialists; and formative usability testing of the system. The application is designed to be fast while giving discrete transactions to enhance faster interactions with the product. In addition, algorithms will be used for this app to provide prompts based on available data which guide user interaction where possible. Moreover,
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