An Mission Of Becoming A Nurse

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Module 1 and 2 For a number of years, I have been trying to figure out what God’s purpose has been in putting me on earth. I was unsure what to study, then I studied environmental engineering in college. I never imagined my life and faith would lead me to where I am now and never planned, but the course my life has taken all started from this sentence: “It is more blessed to give than receive” (Acts. 20:35 New International Version). It is a calling and I have never doubted about it because I have a surefooted faith in God. As I have gotten older and matured, I have come to understand and see clearly that the reason I am here is to help people and love people. I realized I can best achieve this mission by becoming a nurse. I have never looked at nursing as a job to pay my bills and groceries. Sadly, I have to admit that I sometimes felt that way lately. I had a lack of motivation, felt a lot of stress from the patient care, and tired from repetitive work as much as I got used to the work. However, after the first day of my clinical day, I remembered how I thought about nursing and reasons to be a nurse when I was a student nurse. I have worked in the ED for about five years and I have not involved in patient’s continuing care much. Luckily, Nightingale Preventative Care (NPC) has many patients visits that I am not able to see from ED such as follow-up visit, medication refill, and education on prevention. Sometimes, Millie, the Nurse Practitioner, called places for
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