An Modern Methodology For Water Treatment Plant Affecting Factors

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relationship is described by a collection of fuzzy control rules ( IF -THEN RULES) involving linguistic variable [13].
In this paper we introduce an modern methodology for water treatment plant affecting factors analysis. The proposed expert system manages and explores the knowledge in this specific application by reasoning on a database of facts by means of suitable inference rules. The proposed comprehensive, homogenous framework uses a set of Fuzzy Inference Systems to interpret, standardize and fuse heterogeneous data in order to estimate normalized factors. The FIS for affecting factor analysis is divided into four main components: the fuzzification, knowledge base,
Inference engine, and the Defuzzification.
Fuzzy logic controller has four components:
1) Fuzzification: It transforms input into suitable linguistic value so that can be compared to the rule in rule base.
2) Knowledge Base: It contains the knowledge in form of a set of rules to control the artificial system. It is the collection of rules. The basic function of rule base is to provide the required information to fuzzification module, the rule base and the defuzzification module. 'If ' part is called antecedent and 'then ' part is called consequent.
3) Inference Engine: If control rules are relevant then it decides the input to the plant. The Inference system provides the mechanism for invoking or referring to the rule base such that the proper rules are fired on the situation.
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