An Obesity Epidemic

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Obesity is a tragic case that many people face today. Children especially face obesity at a young age due to many cases. Children are more likely face obesity if their parents, for example, eat fast food or processed goods. However, is the school lunch program a huge factor into children’s obesity? Schools can either provide only healthy foods or allow unhealthy options. In some cases, going healthy means they go into debt, or they can choose to allow unhealthy options and generate revenue. Schools lose money daily because it costs more money to prepare meals than the reimbursement they get from the federal government. Children are better off eating what they are surrounded by. If children are surrounded by home made fresh prepared meals, they are more likely to choose healthier options from that day on. To achieve this, many school districts fail and succeed to create a healthier environment for children. The problem in society today factors in with childhood obesity. 15% of US children and teenagers are overweight, which is tripled the rate of 35 years ago. Kids are exposed to false advertising of unhealthy food which leads them to consume more of it. A survey shows that scarcely any school-age children and adolescents meet all the standards for a sound diet. Some factors that trigger a child’s obesity can include a child’ diet. Dietary factors have been studied extensively for its possible contributions to the rising rates of obesity. The dietary factors that have

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