An Obstacle Research Paper

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Many people think that an obstacle can be the end of something. Simply because it limits you or stops you from what you wanted to do. An obstacle or disadvantage can easily be turned into something good or something positive. An object that gets in the way of your success isn't the end of the world it is simply something that will help you learn more and make you a better problem solver.

When i come upon an obstacle i learn from it and turn it into something good. For example, in the book the “The inner castle” lori, the main character, would have to move from school to school due to her father's work. However, rather than her seeing it as a bad thing she looked to the bright side and made moving from schools every 4 months an opportunity
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For example, when i write an essay i sometimes run into the problem known as writer's block. And instead of freaking out, i decide to relate my problem with the prompt and soon enough my brain begins to flood with excellent ideas. Consequently, my essay turns out to have great structure and well thought out ideas. As a result, i learned a new problem and solution strategy that will help me succeed in the future. In addition, instead of being stopped and limited by an object i figured out how to pass through it and turn it into something…show more content…
For instance, my uncle tom had a store called the “Grand Fish” ;however, after 10 years of a successful business his customers began to decrease in great numbers. Instead of looking for a solution to get his store out there by advertising he decided to give up, retire, and close up his store. His hard work and dedication all went down the drain in the matter of weeks due to the fact that he just let an obstacle restrict him from moving on in life. And although he never saw it that way i know that he feels a deep regret inside of him. As a result, he never learned the value of problem solving and how to turn an extremely negative thing into something good and positive. Accepting failure brings only negative things and will only affect you in the long
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