An Occupational Therapy Treatment Plan And Therapy

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Abstract This papers purpose is to describe to the reader an Occupational therapy treatment plan and therapy session using the OTPF as its base to describe client’s performance. It is based off a case study of a 26 year old male racecar driver who suffered a traumatic brain injury and is now admitted into the hospitals ICU unit under a coma. The paper begins with a brief overview of the clients Injuries and occupational profile. It continues with goals that the therapist has set for the client and caregivers and concludes with the client’s treatment plan, along with a SOAP note which explains the client’s treatment and gives other healthcare workers information about the therapists goals and progress of the client Case Study: Donald…show more content…
Fourth, there are lists of Donald’s problems and strengths. Fifth there are two long term therapy goals and four short term goals that outline the progress goals that the therapist would like to accomplish while Donald is under the care of occupational therapy. Sixth, is an outline of a 60 minute therapy session that was implemented to help the therapist fulfill their goals. The paper concludes with a SOAP note which is a documentation of the therapy session to be used as communication between therapy team members. Occupational Profile Donald is a Caucasian male who is 26 years old. He was recently involved in a severe car crash where he suffered a closed head traumatic brain injury (TBI) with focal damage to the frontolateral cortex as well as a fractured wrist at the radial/ ulnar and humerus on the left arm, his right femur is fractured along with 2 ribs. He is now in the Intensive care unit under a coma and is ranked at level 2 on the Ranchos los amigos scale. He is showing generalized responses but has not regained full consciousness and requires total care. Before his accident, Donald was a confident and outgoing man who was well respected by his peers and good at his job as a racecar driver. He was popular on the racing circuit where he enjoyed going out with his friends, country music especially Garth brooks, dancing, football, and fixing up cars. He was independent in all areas of his life. Donald spent 7 months out of the year on the road traveling
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