An Occupational Therapy Treatment Plan And Therapy

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Abstract This papers purpose is to describe to the reader an Occupational therapy treatment plan and therapy session using the OTPF as its base to describe client’s performance. It is based off a case study of a 26 year old male racecar driver who suffered a traumatic brain injury and is now admitted into the hospitals ICU unit under a coma. The paper begins with a brief overview of the clients Injuries and occupational profile. It continues with goals that the therapist has set for the client and caregivers and concludes with the client’s treatment plan, along with a SOAP note which explains the client’s treatment and gives other healthcare workers information about the therapists goals and progress of the client

Case Study: Donald

This paper is about a man named Donald who is a professional race car driver. He has suffered a closed head traumatic brain injury with focal damage to frontolateral cortex caused by a bad accident on the track. First, the paper starts with his occupational profile which tells the reader about his background before the accident. Second, it goes on to describe what a traumatic brain injury is along with different ways it can be caused. It explains how a traumatic brain injury can progress and the intensity of symptoms it can cause. Third, there are charts from the OTPF tables 1-5 describing how Donald’s client factors, activity demands, performance skills, performance patterns, context and environment are affected by his brain…
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