An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge By Ambrose Bierce

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“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” is a dubiously vivid and emotionally charged short story genre written by Ambrose Bierce, Originally published in 1890 by the San Francisco Examiner and later collected in his book “Tales of Soldiers and Civilians”, scholars and critics of his work conclude that this tale is “Bierce’s most anthologized story.” (Blume 211) Bierce’s experience as a Union Officer and veteran of the Civil War amplifies the credence of transpiring circumstances within its setting. Consequently, the author meticulously captures his audience with an evocative and subtle script by embellishing on a solitary significant moment, which is surmised through a series of connected events. Furthermore portraying a sequence of miraculous phenomenon’s cradled with triumphant expectations, he inevitably deceives readers with an irreconcilable conclusion. His literary brilliance provides sundry readers a captivating poignant fable that stands the test of time. The entire scenario is illustrated in a third person narrative that emphases the thoughts, observations and perceptions of its main character, Peyton Farquhar. Farquhar is described as being a handsome, well-groomed, mild-mannered, early-aged, nonmilitant, southern gentleman who is engaged to be hanged. His charming description immediately enacts a sense of solace for his present condition. The narrator personifies this intention by stating Farquhar “had a kindly expression which one would hardly have expected in one…
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