An Offender Reentry Plan Will Keep the Citizens of Hawaii Safer.

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The State of Hawaii utilizes the Hawaii Department of Public Safety to ensure public safety and security while living and working on the island paradise. It consists of three divisions the administration, corrections and law enforcement. The department receives an annual budget of 225 million dollars. The corrections division under the Department of Public Safety plays a key role in overseeing the management of jails and prisons. Part of its role is to fulfill its mission of implementing a successful offender reentry program for all incarcerated offenders. This mission is mandated by the Hawaii State Senate Bill 932, Act 8 (Nakaso & Kayton, 2007). The approval of this legislature was made in order to alleviate the problem of recidivism and…show more content…
Prison offenders are defined as those incarcerated for more than 12 months. Jail offenders are defined as those incarcerated for less than12 months. The difference of reentry strategies provided for with these incarcerated individuals indicates that these are unwise releases that pose as a threat to the safety and security of the communities of Hawaii (Nakaso & Kayton, 2007).
The difficulty of implementing a successful reentry strategy is not only a dilemma for the state of Hawaii but also a national dilemma. Every year it estimated that 650 offenders are released from state and federal prisons nationally and more than a million are released from local jails (BOJS, 2009). At present in the State of Hawaii, there are over 19,000 offenders on probation. On any given day, thousands of these probationers are facing possible revocation and re-sentencing to jail and/or prison terms. If only 5% of the probation population were re-sentenced to jail and/or prison, that would equate to an increase of at least 950 offenders being sent to Hawaii jails and prisons (PSD). Additionally, there are over 1,900 convicted felons on parole statewide. On any given day, the Hawaii Paroling Authority has an average of 180 to 220 outstanding active warrants to retake parolees that poses an undue risk to the public's safety (HPA). More than 50% of those released will be incarcerated again for parole violations

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