An Offensive Ad Displaying A Child As A Sexual Object

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My project riposted to an offensive ad displaying a child as a sexual object. The ad I found had communicated this sense of pedophilia and that it is acceptable; However, I disagreed with that idea. The message I am trying to convey in my artwork is that pedophilia is not okay. I started with generating ideas using a words web and asking random people around me what they thought of when they heard specific words. After I made the web I started to keep an enumeration of ideas that came to mind for my art project. The list started with multitudes of ideas to include the symbols in my work and slowly started to become more meticulous and detailed. I started creating ideas such as a teddy bear clothed as a sexual object and then I thought of the idea of utilizing photography as my media.
My first idea was to use my film camera to photograph a young girl as if I were stalking her throughout the day, then take the film and put it on a light table for the audience to view the photos through a magnifying loop. I really enjoyed the intimacy the viewers would get from being so close to the small photographs on a lit table, and the idea also really put the audience in the perspective of the pedophile. Then I realized a ginormous fault in my plan. I was encouraging pedophilia just as much as the ad was without realizing it. I needed the girl to gain dominance throughout the photo series and overcome the traumatic experience. To do this, I thought of her seeing the pedophile through
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