An Online Interactive Reading Program

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Read 180 is an online interactive reading program designed to meet the needs of struggling readers. This program is well organized and detail orientated which works well with my OCD personality and allows me the opportunity to be a facilitator rather than a dictator. At the beginning of the school year, I would take advantage of the assessment tools provided by Read 180 to determine what reading level each of my students were at. I would also use the assessments to decide what components of reading each student was struggling with the most. With this knowledge I can create appropriate groups for instruction and incorporate the Read 180 program into my own lessons through online work, group work, and individual assignments. Early research for Read 180 began in 1985 with Dr. Ted Hasselbring of Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, who developed a prototype for software that was capable of using individual student performance data in order to differentiate reading instruction. In 1994 he joined Dr. Janet Allen of the University of Central Florida to create a literacy program for low-performing students. The instructional model from this project became the basis of the READ 180 Instructional Model. In 1997 Scholastic collaborated with Vanderbilt University to create a published program, READ 180. They adopted the Lexile Framework® for Reading development which provided a way to measure reading level and text difficulty. In 1998 the program was piloted in The Council of the
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