An Online Personal Service System

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As an online personal service system, Serf is a reliable and a multi-industry platform for every individual and business. Nida Omar is Journalism student at Ryerson University who is a multi-disciplinary freelancer. She says it is difficult to broaden her creative portfolio and look for freelance work in journalism, advertorial, and graphic design and that there aren 't many platforms that display freelance work openings. Omar also says that looking for people to collaborate with on projects can be challenging, as many existing platforms display either a person 's profile or their listing, and not both. Our online system would help Omar find reliable professionals - verified by the website - to work with while gaining the freelance experience she needs. Jas Rataul is the founder of Rataul Planners, an event planning firm. Rataul is always looking for new businesses to work alongside and says it is difficult to find firms that cooperate when plans change last minute - very common in his line of work. He says that Serf would allow him to hire individuals who aren 't necessarily a part of an established brand, but acquire exceptional skills or products. This can be individuals who are currently unemployed but would add value to event collaborations with Rataul Planners. Rataul would be able to efficiently seek these individuals through the background-checked profiles listed on Serf. We are an app that provides for inconvenient situations and bring comfort to our users. Our app
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