An Open Air Outdoor Stadium For A Concert Venue

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The Swaby consulting group has been contracted to handle the risk management plan for the Providence stop of a concert series. The services provided will involve creating a risk management plan, which includes four steps: identifying risk; assessing risk; choosing a management action; and implementing and monitoring the process (Wall, 2009, p.12). The venue for the concert will be an open-air outdoor stadium that is used primary for football, so the variables for the event will be plentiful. Carefully assessing the potential risk management issues with using an open air football stadium for a concert venue will be the first step taken in the risk management planning process. The Providence area is lovely part of the greater New England…show more content…
The member of the dedicated weather watch team will be responsible for gauging the wind measurement, monitor for lighting in the area, and providing updates to the emergency manager, so the information could be provide to the patrons and event staff. The ability to have up to date weather update is important because in cases of high wind and lighting the event planners and staff will have to deploy a plan to get the fans to a safe place. Due to the fact this will be an outdoor event, the plan will be to evacuate the stadium whenever lighting gets within a 6 mile radius. The concourse space within the stadium will serve as the safety zone for the fans because it will provided adequate cover to protect them from the lighting. In the event of wind gust up to 50 miles per hour, the fans will be evacuated to the concourse as well. The 50 mile per hour wind gust is a standard in which the national weather association recommends will trigger emergency procedures (Weather, n.d). The additional steps in weather process are all based on the first step, so the ability to observation and warning the fans, then communicate the weather warnings will help maintain the risk of weather.
Some additional risks that can occur in an outdoor stadium are the flow of traffic into the facility, medical emergencies, security, and power outages (). The flow of patron traffic will be addressed later in the risk management plan; medical
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