An Open Door Policy Between Team Teams

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I. Welcome Letter from Bob’s Management Team Welcome to Bob’s Sporting Goods, we are glad to have you “recruited to the team”! Our founder, Bob Jones, had many goals when he started the business. To not only provide excellent products to his customers, but to have the best customer service for our sports minded shoppers. That all begins with you, our team-members. It is important that we develop and maintain a winning attitude and environment for our team. We are inspired by a constant flow of ideas, strategies, and problem solving, so we have an open door policy between team players (team members) and coaches (management). Over the years this policy has shown to be a win-win for the business. Many successful promotions, sales goals and…show more content…
Our Human Resource Department welcomes any questions you may have. We are here to help in any way possible. Please feel free to stop by the Human Resource Department or call Kellie Rowland, Human Resource Administrative Assistant at 253-555-2100 to schedule an appointment. Mission Statement Our mission is to provide our customers with the products they need and the service they desire to help as they exceed their goals of health, relaxation, and an active life. We are also committed to protecting and preserving our environment. We do this through donations to select conservation programs and by passing on our knowledge to our customers. Each day is an opportunity to improve our lives and our community. Value Statement B - Balance, work/life balance for all employees at Bob’s Sporting Goods O - Opportunity for all of our Bob’s Sporting Goods team members B - Best, we work hard to be the best sporting goods store in the Pacific Northwest and the best community neighbor. Bob’s Climate & Culture The goal at Bob’s Sporting Goods is to create an exciting and fun atmosphere for both our customers and our team members. After all we are in the business of active lives and fun. We pride ourselves in being the best sporting goods store in the Pacific Northwest. Our team members are the backbone of our success. At Bob’s Sporting Goods we recognize that in order to meet our sales goals and achieve customer satisfaction, our stores need to be a place that
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