An Open Letter For Friends And Family

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An open letter to friends and family:

A Brief Intro/Background
This letter will no doubt be hard for many of you to read, I empathize as it was also hard to write. I beg your patience and hope you read through to the end. What I would like to convey to you is my recent shift in world view. That is to say that I recently came to realize that I am an atheist.

This is likely shocking to most of you. Let me be clear by what I intend to convey by identifying as such. I do not mean to say I am opposed to religion, or claim there is no God. I still identify very much with LDS culture and attend church regularly. Rather, I identify as an atheist as a way to convey that I seem to have lost Faith that there is a God. Over the last year I have studied and ponder in depth to discover as best I could truth. Before I get there I want to be clear as to the perspective in which I am coming from.

I was raised in a very active and loving family of the LDS Church. My family is still very active, my father and my mother have served in leadership roles. They are both full of faith and charity and am grateful for their love and support throughout my life. I, myself have served in leadership roles in the church both as a young man and as a missionary for the church. I served a 2 year mission in west Texas spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ as I understood it. I was married in an LDS temple to my wonderful wife. My in-laws are also very devout members of the LDS church.
What I believed and…

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