An Open Public Network / Environment Essay

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Introduction Virtual is something that is not real, but can be produced by computer imaging. So when you have a VPN, it is considered to be private interaction with two or more devices. The way that these two or more devices can communicate with one another is through the use of the Internet wish is a public network and not private. So the communication that takes place between two or more devices is virtual but not physical form. Private the meaning of is to keep something hidden like a secret from others, or in this case from the public. Although two or more devices are able to communicate with one another on an open public network/environment, there will be no third party who can disturb this communication. Since a third party in unable to disrupt there communication it is also unable to receive the information that is being exchanged between the two communicators. A network is terminal nodes and links that make it possible for two computes or other devices electronically pass data to each other along data connections. These computers and devices are able to communicate with one another via cables and wires, so in turn a VPN is a network. It also has the ability to transmit data long distances very productively and smoothly with no problem. VPN has been associated with remote connectivity services in the past such as the (PSTN), Public Switched Telephone Network. This network is starting to be coupled with IP networks. In the past IP network enterprises had broadband
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