An Optimist Is The One Who Looks On The Brighter Side Of Things

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An optimist is the one who looks on the brighter side of things, or takes hopeful views about life situations. Being an optimist you trust and anticipate plans and life events to turn out well, and you look forward to the future with a smile. Don 't get me wrong. Being an optimist does not mean that you should be out of touch with reality, ignoring complexities and obstacles in life and behaving in an irrational manner. Also, it does not mean waiting for things to happen automatically. It means expecting the best, believing that the best will happen to you; but at the same time making decisions to make it happen, following your decisions, acting appropriately in realizing them.

It is important to be a balanced optimist, by not pretending that nothing adverse can or ever will happen. Optimists do not have blind faith. The mere fact of being a blind optimist can lead to being impractical, making silly decisions and being a laughing stock. A balanced optimist is always realistic, acknowledges barriers, obstacles, and challenges; but is not discouraged by such circumstances. An optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty. A balanced optimist can differentiate good from bad, but at the same time expects success in all his endeavors and acts in a proactive manner to make things turn out well; because optimism keeps him motivated and energetic, pursuing what he wants with desire, confidence and happiness.

When you are optimistic, you are able to direct your thoughts toward…
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